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Afghanistan Millennium Development Goals Report 2005

The state of Human Development and the Afghan Millennium Development Goals

AFGHANISTAN Millennium Development Goals: Progress at a glance



¨ Regional comparisons of primary school completion rates for girls and progress toward the MDG goal, showed Afghanistan to be the only country out of 16 ranked as “seriously off track”. To have any prospect of meeting the MDG target of eliminating gender disparity in education, Afghanistan will have to ensure that 5 girls are enrolled at the primary stage for every 3 boys, and 3 girls for every boy at the secondary stage.

¨ Amongst its neighbouring countries, landlocked Asian and post conflict countries, Afghanistan has the lowest percentage of female literacy.

¨ Women in Afghanistan are more likely than men to be engaged in various types of informal activities, such as unpaid family work, and small-scale economic activities that are difficult to measure, and that offer less enjoyment of employment rights and benefits.

¨ Violence against women has been pervasive in Afghanistan and is attributable to low status of women,combined with long exposure to hostilities and conflict.

¨ Afghanistan has almost the highest percentage of seats allocated for women in the national parliament.This will have little impact on enhancing women's political participation unless women can also contribute to local-level decision-making at the sub-national levels. At present, women are poorly represented at the sub-national level and in local governance bodies.


==> Eliminate gender disparity in all levels of education no later than 2020

¨ Ratio of girls to boys in primary, secondary and tertiary education
¨ Ratio of literate females to males (15- to 24-year-olds)

==> Reduce gender disparity in economic areas by 2020

¨ Ratio of female to male Government employees

==> Increase female participation in elected bodies at all levels of governance to 30% by 2020

¨ Proportion of seats held by women in national, provincial and district representative bodies

==> Reduce gender disparity in access to justice by 50% by 2015 and completely (100%) by 2020

¨ Adoption, review and amendment of legislation that protects the rights of women, particularly in employment, family rights, property and inheritance and in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
¨ Adoption of legislation that criminalizes all forms of gender and sexual-based violence

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